Yes, that was all me! i asked for all those links :D thanks for all of them! i know it is weird and random but i need Ian saying ''Previously on TVD'' to put that on my massage receiving sound or whatever it is called! I had the idea but couldn't find it! so i don't need the video i need the sound itself :D really tired of searching so if you find please post a link! I am anon coz i don't have tumblr account :D thanks again for everything :D

lol. No problem!! Oh, sorry! I just assumed you knew how to convert videos into audio files, so I figured the YouTube link would be enough. I pulled the sound for it and uploaded the .mp3 to SoundCloud, so if you click here you can listen to it, and if that’s what you were looking for just click the “download” button. Hope this helps! :-)

Ian Somerhalder crashed Paul Wesley’s interview to show him a little love at PaleyFest 2014 [x]

Ian Somerhalder catches up with RYOT News about “Years of Living Dangerously” [x]


probably you are already tired of me asking to post some links but i really want to watch The Originals Paleyfest but i can not fins it anywhere! If you have a link please post! thanks :)

lol omg is this the same anon as the last couple of links questions? It’s totally fine - I’m glad to help you if I can! :-) It looks like the person who originally uploaded the entire panel took it down, but this person uploaded the whole thing in five parts. It’s not the BEST quality, but it’ll work. :-)


is there a link of Ian saying ''Previously on The Vampire Dairies'' to download? if yes please post! thanks :)

lol - this just might be the most random question of the year, but yes there is one. Do you know how to download YouTube videos? Here’s a video some of the S1 cast saying it, including Ian. If you don’t know how to dl YouTube videos, try Googling “Video Downloader Professional”. It’s a browser add-on that works pretty well with YT.


thanks a lot for the link! Love your blog <3

You’re welcome! ALSDKJFALKJDF THANK YOU!!! :-)))

"It’s hands-down the most important project I’ve ever been apart of"
Ian Somerhalder - Years Of Living Dangerously

"I pitched it to the writers – I was like ‘Guys, I think this should be romantic and not sexual,’ and they fell for it. Suckers!"

Paul Wesley about refusing to shoot a SE sex scene for 5x18 (x)


Please, post the link to the video where Ian says that Elena belongs neither to Stefan nor Damon.

Sure! He’s said that in a couple different interviews/panels - but the one I think you’re looking for (from this reblogged gifset) is here. :-)

"I love that she is such a strong, fierce woman, and she isn’t afraid to show her emotions. She has this sassiness about her, and she’s fun. I really love playing her because there are so many elements to her character. I’ve never been bored when I’m Rebekah."

make me choose 

anonymous asked » ian somerhalder or damon salvatore


"weskin makes me wanna vomit" Can I just say that I love you I feel the exact same way! (yay I'm not alone)

lol YESSS!! I LOVE YOU TOO FOR AGREEING THAT IT’S BASICALLY THE WORST NAME EVER! I can’t stand it! They will forever be tagged “tonkley” on THIS blog. ;-)

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